The Cats
  • CAT # NJCD-8217-2

    1. Minor Mishap 7:27
    2. How Long Has This Been Going On 5:53
    3. Eclypso 7:58
    4. Solacium 9:11
    5. Tommy's Time 11:58

While the lack of a credited leader may make The Cats appear to be one more all-star blowing date from Prestige’s great 1950s catalog, the album actually presents a well-focused, first-time showcase for pianist Tommy Flanagan. Part of the Detroit modern jazz migration that was delivering a slew of talent to the New York scene, Flanagan, in the midst of a two-year stay with J.J. Johnson at the time, composed all four of the sextet numbers and is also featured in a trio setting. He is joined by three other Motor City new stars in the rhythm section, with John Coltrane, another of the era’s emerging talents, joining veteran Idrees Sulieman on the front line. Early versions of Flanagan classics “Eclypso” and “Minor Mishap” are of special interest.

with Idrees Sulieman, Doug Watkins, Louis Hayes

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