The Charlie Brown Collection

Vince Guaraldi

The Charlie Brown Collection
  • CAT # FAN-33253-02

    DISC ONE  
    1. O Tannenbaum 5:03
    2. What Child Is This 2:20
    3. My Little Drum 3:15
    4. Linus And Lucy 3:03
    5. Christmas Time Is Here (Instrumental) 6:09
    6. Christmas Time Is Here (Vocal) 2:44
    7. Skating 2:41
    8. Hark, The Herald Angels Sing 1:55
    9. Christmas Is Coming 3:22
    10. Fur Elise 1:02
    11. The Christmas Song 3:18
    12. Greensleeves 5:29
    DISC TWO  
    1. Oh, Good Grief 2:21
    2. Pebble Beach 2:47
    3. Happiness Is 3:37
    4. Schroeder 1:51
    5. Charlie Brown Theme 4:20
    6. Blue Charlie Brown 7:26
    7. Baseball Theme 3:13
    8. Frieda W/the Naturally Curly Hair 4:31
    9. Fly Me To The Moon 6:57
    1. Sally’s Blues 1:59
    2. Blue Charlie Brown 2:05
    3. Peppermint Patty 2:39
    4. Charlie’s Blues 2:30
    5. Joe Cool 2:57
    6. Frieda (With the Naturally Curly Hair) 6:05
    7. Schroeder 2:57
    8. Little Birdie 3:16
    9. Masked Marvel 5:37
    10. Linus And Lucy 3:17
    1. Christmas Is Coming 2:53
    2. Just Like Me 4:13
    3. Linus And Lucy 4:02
    4. It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year 4:17
    5. My Little Drum 3:27
    6. Skating 4:00
    7. Christmas Time Is Here 4:24
    8. O Tannenbaum 3:52
    9. Red Baron 4:08
    10. The Christmas Song 4:02
    11. Fur Elise 1:06
    12. Christmas Time Is Here (Reprise) 3:13

The first time you listen to this disc you will undoubtedly be transported directly back to your childhood. Charles Schulz's Peanuts characters will go toe-tapping and funky-dancing through your mind's eye. Play it a few more times, though (ignoring the dialogue snippets, if you can), and you will begin to truly revel in Guaraldi's wonderful, humorous, deep piano playing. You'll hear why he's such an influence on new age ivory tickler George Winston, but you'll also realize that Winston's holiday music never quite sparkles with the underlying passion, and humor, that twinkles in these grooves. Buy it for the nostalgia--keep it because it will remain one of the most enchanting albums in your holiday collection.

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