The Definitive John Coltrane On Prestige And Riverside

John Coltrane

The Definitive John Coltrane On Prestige And River MP3
  • CAT # PRS-32323-25

    DISC ONE  
    1. The Theme 5:52
    2. Oleo 6:21
    3. 'Round Midnight 5:21
    4. Mating Call 5:31
    5. Minor Mishap 7:27
    6. Monk's Mood 7:52
    7. Trinkle, Tinkle 6:42
    8. Straight Street 6:21
    9. While My Lady Sleeps 4:44
    10. Billie's Bounce 9:25
    11. Come Rain Or Come Shine 8:45
    DISC TWO  
    1. I Love You 5:33
    2. Lush Life 13:56
    3. Russian Lullaby 5:33
    4. I Want To Talk About You 10:55
    5. Rise ā€™nā€™ Shine 7:17
    6. Why Was I Born? 3:14
    7. Lover Come Back To Me 7:27
    8. Invitation 10:22
    9. Time After Time 7:45
    10. Bahia 6:15

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The Definitive John Coltrane on Prestige and Riverside
tracks Coltrane's artistic development from his first Prestige recording session in November 1955 for Miles: The New Miles Davis Quintet to his last sessions for Prestige (for Bahia) in December 1958.

Trane's career was marked by various shifts in style throughout the '50s and '60s, "but if you like straight-ahead, yet inventive, hard-bop playing, then this collection of recordings from the mid- to late '50s is definitely one of the sweet spots," says Nick Phillips, Concord Music Group's Vice President of Jazz and Catalog A&R and the producer of the Definitive series. "And yet some of what you hear in these tracks gives hints about what was to come from this restlessly creative artist."

Extensive liner notes by veteran music journalist and Coltrane biographer Ashley Kahn provide an in-depth look at the tracks and the circumstances surrounding their genesis. "The Definitive John Coltrane offers a best-of culled from these early recordings," says Kahn, "offering an inspiring listening session that allows for much to be gleaned: Coltrane's talent at recasting decades-old themes with a modern touch; a penchant for brooding, minor-key melodies; the uncanny rate of his personal development -- building on his strengths, articulating a signature sound; an increased ability born in the one-take fire of three-hour recording dates to toss together timeless performances."

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