The Louis Bellson Explosion

Louis Bellson

The Louis Bellson Explosion
  • CAT # OJCCD-728-25

    1. Intimacy Of The Blues
    2. Quiet Riots 5:27
    3. Carnaby Street 6:39
    4. Beyond Category 8:15
    5. Chameleon 4:25
    6. Open Your Window 5:10
    7. Movin' On 3:25
    8. Groove Blues 7:05
    9. La Banda Grande 5:18

Louis Bellson, the most versatile and adaptable of drummers, is equally at home in small groups and large. But Bellson came to professional maturity in the big band era, and for decades he has maintained his own band, not only leading it and manning the engine room but composing and arranging. The mid-1970s edition in this album was one of his best. It was graced with superior soloists including Don Menza, Snooky Young, Pete Christlieb, Bellson himself, and the remarkable Blue Mitchell. In addition to Bellson's writing, there are arrangements by Menza and Bill Holman.

Intimacy of the Blues, Quiet Riots, Carnaby Street, Beyond Category, Chameleon, Open Your Window, Movin' On, Groove Blues, La Banda Grande

with Blue Mitchell, Snooky Young, Cat Anderson, Don Menza, Pete Christlieb, Bill Byrne, Nat Pierce, Ross Tompkins, and others

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