The Magic Touch
  • CAT # OJCCD-143-25

    1. On A Misty Night 2:52
    2. On A Misty Night (Alternate) 2:52
    3. Fontainebleau 4:50
    4. Just Plain Talkin' 4:51
    5. Just Plain Talkin' (Alternate) 4:51
    6. If You Could See Me Now 5:15
    7. Our Delight 5:26
    8. Our Delight (Alternate) 5:26
    9. Dial B For Beauty 4:30
    10. Look, Stop And Listen 3:52
    11. Bevan's Birthday 3:29
    12. You're A Joy 3:30
    13. Swift As The Wind 3:21

To those who claimed that early bebop was nothing but a harsh and angry music, emphasizing multi-note trickery and fast tempos, the best answer was always: Tadd Dameron. As composer, pianist, and small-group arranger, he instilled a lasting sense of musical depth and complexity, of melodic beauty and emotion. His influence began in the Forties and survived his death in the late Sixties, but he rarely had a chance to present his own music on records. Riverside gave him a full-scale opportunity in 1962; the result was this memorable album composed, arranged, and conducted by Tadd and performed by an orchestra including such major Dameron enthusiasts as Bill Evans, Philly Joe Jones, Johnny Griffin, and Clark Terry.

with Clark Terry, Jerome Richardson, Johnny Griffin, Bill Evans, George Duvivier, Ron Carter, Philly Joe Jones, and others

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