The New Folk Sound Of Terry Callier

Terry Callier

The New Folk Sound Of Terry Callier
  • CAT # PRCD-11026-25

    1. 900 Miles 5:05
    2. Oh Dear, What Can The Matter Be 2:50
    3. Johnny Be Gay If You Can Be 4:20
    4. Cotton Eyed Joe 5:25
    5. It's About Time 3:25
    6. Promenade In Green 4:00
    7. Spin, Spin, Spin 3:05
    8. I'm A Drifter 8:50
    9. Be My Woman 5:20
    10. Jack O' Diamonds 2:11
    11. The Golden Apples Of The Sun 5:40

Recorded in 1965 at the height of the folk revival, Terry Callier's debut album, marked him as an important new voice. His approach to traditional material was comparable to that of other African-Americans like Paul Robeson or Josh White, but evidence of his originality can be heard on every song on this rerelease, including three that are issued for the first time. Callier's guitar work was quite adventurous by folk standards, incorporating chord voicings one might expect to hear in a modern jazz context. He was also a powerful vocalist with a flair for drama that could evoke Odetta at her best. Recent years have seen Callier return to performing and recording after a long hiatus, a development as welcome as it is overdue.

with Terbour Attenborough, John Tweedle

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