The Other Side

Lucky Dube

The Other Side
  • CAT # 11661-7770-2

    1. Number in the Book 4:43
    2. The Other Side 6:04
    3. Ding Ding Licky Licky Licky Bong 5:08
    4. Cool Down 5:38
    5. Family Ties 5:47
    6. Divorce Party 4:44
    7. Soldier 5:42
    8. Julie! Julie! 6:39
    9. The Bully 5:02
    10. Hero 4:09

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Reggae superstar Lucky Dube is one of South Africa's best-selling artists and most outspoken performers. His new album The Other Side (his very first for the Heartbeat label) features his unique blend of impassioned vocals, potent lyrics and roots reggae rhythms. Find out why The Village Voice says 'The spirit of Lucky Dube's music and dance epitomizes the spirit of Black liberation.'

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