The Starting Five

Jimmy McGriff

The Starting Five
  • CAT # MCD-9148-25

    1. Movin' On 7:10
    2. Doggone 4:24
    3. I'm Getting Sentimental Over You 6:09
    4. BGO 5:42
    5. You Belong To Me 4:21
    6. Granny's Lane 5:36
    7. Georgia On My Mind 7:08
    8. Hittin' The Jug 8:27

with Rusty Bryant, David “Fathead” Newman, Mel Brown, Wayne Boyd, Bernard Purdie

Recorded October 14-15,1986.

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with Melvin Sparks, Cornell Dupree, Bernard Purdie

Recorded November 16-17, 1998.



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