The Thing At The Nursery Room Window

Peter Lang

The Thing At The Nursery Room Window
  • CAT # TAKCD-8911-25

    1. Snow Toad 1:26
    2. Muggy Friday 1:30
    3. Last Day At The Lodge 2:25
    4. Turnpike Teror 2:34
    5. R.c. Rag
    6. Adair's Song 1:44
    7. Bituminous Nightmare 4:27
    8. Wide Oval Rip-off 3:23
    9. Young Man, Young Man, Look At Your Shoes 3:49
    10. Quetico Reel 1:43
    11. Red Meat On The Road 2:57
    12. Future Shot At The Rainbow 9:44
    13. Flames Along The Monongahela 6:28
    14. V. Connecticut Promissory Rag 2:38
    15. Going Down The China Road 6:28

Like his labelmates at Takoma, John Fahey and Leo Kottke, Peter Lang used the techniques and vocabulary of country blues guitarists to create his own compositions in a variety of alternate tunings. Though not as well known as Fahey and Kottke, Lang did make a name as a guitarist and composer of exceptional ability and originality. His bright sound, driving rhythm, and whimsical compositional sense were already well-defined by the time of his first record, which was made in 1972 when Lang was living in Southern California and working with “Takoma’s other offbeat eccentrics,” an experience he details in his personable, newly-written liner notes. Long considered one of the best fingerpicking records of its time, this reissue of The Thing at the Nursery Room Window features three additional bonus tracks by this master of the six- and 12-string guitar.

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