Through The Window Of A Train

Blue Highway

Through The Window Of A Train
  • CAT # 11661-0594-2

    1. Life of a Travelin' Man 2:49
    2. Through the Window of a Train 3:08
    3. Sycamore Hollow 4:11
    4. Homeless Man 4:35
    5. Where Did the Morning Go? 3:07
    6. Two Soldiers 3:47
    7. The North Cove 3:14
    8. A Week from Today 3:25
    9. My Ropin' Days Are Done 3:23
    10. Blues on Blues 2:57
    11. V-Bottom Boat 2:21
    12. Just Another Gravel in the Road 2:23

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Among the most influential bands on today's acoustic music scene, Blue Highway continues to uncover new routes and destinations in its ongoing exploration of the frontiers of bluegrass. Through the Window of a Train, their eighth album, features a stunning batch of brand new original songs brought to life via masterful arrangements, precise picking, and the soulful lead and harmony vocals of the band's three distinctive lead singers. Each a respected artist in his own right, the five members of Blue Highway combine their individual virtuosity with unparalleled musicianship and group empathy to create bluegrass that is sophisticated yet earthy, intimate yet universal. Each note they play resonates with heart, soul, commitment, and friendship - resulting in a sound bringing together the very best of bluegrass's past, present, and future.

Blue Highway: Jason Burleson, Rob Ickes, Shawn Lane, Tim Stafford, Wayne Taylor

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