Tightrope Walker


Tightrope Walker
  • CAT # MCD-9143-2

    1. Tu Mi Delirio 4:21
    2. Broken Key 5:51
    3. If You'd Like To Know 6:45
    4. Folklore 3:27
    5. Pygmalion 5:19
    6. Tightrope Walker 4:18
    7. Other Side Of The Coin 4:19
    8. Samba Da Barra 5:09
    9. Brazil 4:44

Tu Mi Delirio, Broken Key, If You’d Like to Know, Folklore, Pygmalion, Tightrope Walker, The Other Side of the Coin, Samba da Barra, plus CD bonus track Brazil

José Roberto Bertrami, Alex Malheiros, Ivan Conti (Mamão)
with Paulinho Olivera, Cidinho

Recorded April and May 1986.

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