Sergio Mendes

  • CAT # CCD-2263-25

    1. Mas Que Nada 4:23
    2. That Heat 4:13
    3. Berimbau / Consolacao 4:22
    4. The Frog 3:50
    5. Let Me 4:14
    6. Bananeira (Banana Tree) 3:12
    7. Surfboard 4:31
    8. Please Baby Don't 4:09
    9. Samba Da Bencao (Samba Of The Blessing) 4:39
    10. Timeless 3:53
    11. Loose Ends 5:33
    12. Fo’-Hop (Por Tras de Bras de Pina) 3:14
    13. Lamento (No Morro) 3:21
    14. E Menina (Hey Girl) 3:31
    15. Yes, Yes Y'All 5:10

Sergio Mendes is one of the most enduring artists to hail from musically and culturally rich Brazil. His signature blending of Brazilian music with American pop—as epitomized by his Brazil ’66 band and such mega-hits as “Mas Que Nada”—have made him one of the most popular and beloved Brazilian artists of all time. Time and time again, Mendes has proven that creative innovation and musical accessibility needn’t be mutually exclusive. Rather, they can blend artfully in a celebratory musical style that invites everyone to the party. Speaking of innovation and inclusiveness, if there’s anyone knows how make music that will get a party started it’s Black Eyed Peas’s refreshingly eclectic mastermind/rapper/producer Will.i.am. Here, at Sergio’s party, the list of invited guests is A-list all the way: Will.i.am (as producer and performer), Black Eyed Peas, Q-Tip, Stevie Wonder, Jill Scott, John Legend, Erykah Badu, Justin Timberlake, Pharoahe Monch, Chali 2na, Black Thought (of The Roots), Marcelo D2, and others. Melding Sergio Mendes’s classic, infectious mix of Brazilian bossa nova and samba rhythms, jazz, and pop music with the fresh-as-tomorrow, modern hip-hop production flavor of will.i.am, this constantly grooving mix of classic and modern sounds is—in a word—Timeless.

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