Tired Of Wandering

Arbee Stidham

Tired Of Wandering
  • CAT # OBCCD-593-25

    1. Last Goodbye Blues 3:03
    2. You Can't Live In This World By Yourself 3:57
    3. Pawn Shop 6:58
    4. I'm Tired Of Wandering 3:10
    5. I Want To Belong To You 3:08
    6. Wee Baby Blues 5:28
    7. You Keep Me Yearning 2:34
    8. My Heart Belongs To You 3:37
    9. People, What Would You Do 3:14
    10. Teenage Kiss 2:20

The memory of Arbee Stidham (1917-1988) may have dimmed in recent years, but a half century ago he stood as one of America's major blues figures. The Arkansas-born, Chicago-based singer-guitarist hit the top of Billboard's "race" chart in 1948 with his RCA Victor recording of "My Heart Belongs to You" and recorded prolifically over the next two decades for a variety of labels. There was an inviting quality to Stidham's laid-back way with the blues, which Prestige/ Bluesville empathetically captured at this 1960 session by placing him in the company of two Chicagoans--jazz pianist John Young and blues drummer Armond "Jump" Jackson--plus saxophonist King Curtis and bassist Leonard Gaskin, both New York studio heavies. The long-overdue reissue of Tired of Wandering serves as a welcome reminder of what a fine bluesman Arbee Stidham was.

with King Curtis, Leonard Gaskin, Armond Jackson, John Wright

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