Too Much Fun!

The Holy Modal Rounders

Too Much Fun
  • CAT # 18964-3163-2

    1. Happy Rolling Cowboy 1:59
    2. Antoinette 2:30
    3. Bad Boy 3:41
    4. Violets So Blue 2:55
    5. Euphoria 2:51
    6. Sail Away Ladies 1:40
    7. Penny's Farm 2:46
    8. Bonaparte's Retreat 2:02
    9. Tea Song 2:35
    10. Precious Jewel 3:31
    11. A Blues Serenade 2:23
    12. Skin Game 2:22
    13. Long Journey 1:56
    14. Crowley Waltz 1:43
    15. Little Girl and the Dreadful Snake 3:04
    16. Year of Jublio 2:15
    17. New John the Revelator 2:41

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Castigated in 1964 by the few critics who even bothered to mention them for their bad attitude and total lack of seriousness (which was the whole point), the Holy Modal Rounders are now recognized as the first underground group, the first alternative country band, and the band that presided over the shotgun marriage of folk and psychedelia. As the Rounders promised in 1963 while banging each other over their heads with their cowboy boots, 'We will bury you!' (Which is the whole point).

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