April Verch

  • CAT # 82161-7019-2

    1. William Gagnon 2:32
    2. Ross' Reel no. 4 3:08
    3. Britany 3:04
    4. Fire When Ready 3:06
    5. Canadian Reel Medley: Trip to Windsor/Back Up and Push/Dusty Miller/Woodchoppers Breakdown 4:59
    6. 6/8 du Petit Sarny/Une Marche de Thomas Pomerleau/Reel Andre Alain 4:29
    7. Diabinho Malucco (Jacob do Bandolim) 2:37
    8. Eldon and Ethel 3:20
    9. Massif Central 3:43
    10. Lost Boy 2:10
    11. Marry Me 2:34
    12. Thomas Reel 2:04
    13. Le Bedeau de l'Enfer/Contredanse a Pitou/Reel de la Broue 4:07
    14. Sneaky 2:08
    15. Tribute to the Townsends: Ridgeway Merchant/Road to Lake Dore/Gilles Roy/Donnie Gilchrist's Breakdow 4:37
    16. The Rugged Old Cross 3:12

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From the thick of the traditional music scene, April Verch's fiddling is emerging as a wonderful breath of fresh air. Though she has deep roots in the fiddling of her native Ottawa Valley, on VERCHuosity April steps out in a big way and weds her musical world to the world of other fiddle traditions. The finest points of all these are revealed in this wonderful collection of tunes. Here are inspired takes on French Canadian, southern Appalachian, Scottish and Brazilian melodies, along with fine original compositions that righteously tear the house down. April's music takes precisely the right kinds of chances and succeeds brilliantly. More than all that, VERCHuosity is just a big bunch of fun. Every once in a long while you'll run across a gifted artist whose creative energies slide right through all the technical stuff and touch down directly into the colorful, passionate expression of a very personal story. April Verch is definitely one of those players.' - Bruce Molsky

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