Victim Of The Joke? An Opera

David Porter

Victim Of The Joke An Opera
  • CAT # SCD-8592-25

    1. Introduction (To Victim Of The Joke) 3:36
    2. If I Give It Up, I Want It Back 2:28
    3. Interlude 1:40
    4. When You Have To Sneak 3:28
    5. Interlude 1:16
    6. Help 3:37
    7. Interlude
    8. (I'm Afraid) The Masquerade Is Over 9:42
    9. Interlude 2:00
    10. Storm In The Summertime 5:46
    11. Interlude 2:41
    12. Pretty Inside 3:33
    13. Interlude
    14. Human 3:50
    15. Interlude 2:23
    16. Airplane Ticket Bus Ride,Can I Borrow Your Car 3:48

The songwriting-producing team of Isaac Hayes and David Porter was responsible for many of the hits that came from Stax Records during the mid-and late-Sixties. With the ascendance of Hayes as a solo artist, the partnership came to an end. Besides finding an able new writing partner in Ronnie Williams, Porter rekindled his career as a vocalist, cutting three albums for Stax’s Enterprise label. The third, 1971’s Victim of a Joke?--An Opera, stands as an innovative achievement. With dialogue and sound effects connecting each selection, Porter applies his warm, flexible tenor pipes to original tunes that rank among the finest moments in his solo career, as well as reinvents several standards.

with Ronnie Williams, Harold Beane, Donald "Duck" Dunn, Leon Hodges, Willie Hall, Al Jackson, Jr., the Bar-Kays, Bobby Manuel, Buddy Davis, the Memphis Symphony, the Memphis Horns

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