Walkin’ This Road By Myself

Lightnin' Hopkins

Walkin This Road By Myself LP BVLP 1057
  • CAT # BVLP-1057

    DISC ONE  
    1. Walkin' This Road By Myself 4:48
    2. Black Gal 4:05
    3. How Many More Years I Got To Let You Dog Me Around 2:58
    4. Baby, Don't You Tear My Clothes 3:42
    5. Worried Life Blues 2:53
    DISC ONE  
    1. Happy Blues For John Glenn 5:18
    2. Good Morning Little School Girl 3:08
    3. The Devil Jumped The Black Man 4:09
    4. Coffee Blues 3:37
    5. Black Cadillac 3:40

Sam Lightnin' Hopkins was and still is one of the most under-appreciated bluesmen of all time. This album contains a treasure trove of songs recorded in 1961 by the legendary musician. Fans of real blues guitar playing will not be disappointed with this collection delivered with Hopkin's trademark guitar licks and vocal stylings.

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