Wardell Gray Memorial, Vol. 2

Wardell Gray

Wardell Gray Memorial Vol 2
  • CAT # OJCCD-051-25

    1. Blue Gray (Master Number JRC80B) 2:45
    2. Blue Gray (Alternate, JRC80A) 2:49
    3. Blue Gray (Alternate, JRC80C) 2:42
    4. Grayhound (JRC81B) 3:04
    5. Grayhound (JRC81A) 3:44
    6. Grayhound (JRC81C) 3:44
    7. A Sinner Kissed An Angel (JRC79A) 3:58
    8. Treadin' (JRC82C) 3:03
    9. Treadin' (JRC82A) 3:03
    10. Treadin' (JRC82B) 3:03
    11. April Skies 3:01
    12. Bright Boy 2:47
    13. Jackie 2:32
    14. Farmers Market 5:49
    15. Sweet And Lovely 5:50
    16. Lover Man (oh, Where Can You Be?) 3:28
    17. Move 1:55
    18. Scrapple From The Apple 4:59

The legendary West Coast jam sessions of the late Forties and early Fifties often pitted Wardell Gray and Dexter Gordon in friendly combat. This one captures the tenor saxophone colleagues in a 1950 reunion after they had not played together for more than two years. Trumpeter Clark Terry, then a member of the Count Basie sextet and Wardell, and Los Angeles alto saxophonist Sonny Criss are the other prominent jammers.
Gray's sextet sides from 1951 served to introduce Art Farmer to the jazz public at large as both player and composer. His "Farmer's Market" and Hamp Hawes's "Jackie" became, like Wardell's earlier "Twisted," material for the offbeat, inventive lyrics of Annie Ross.

with Sonny Criss, Dexter Gordon, Art Farmer, Clark Terry, Jimmy Bunn, Phil Hill, Hampton Hawes, Billy Hadnott, Harper Cosby, Chuck Thompson, Larance Marable, Robert Collier, John Richardson, Art Mardigan

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