Warming Up!

The Billy Taylor Trio

Warming Up
  • CAT # MCD-47103-25

    1. Warming Up 2:29
    2. Easy Like 2:31
    3. That's Where It Is 2:43
    4. Afterthoughts 2:45
    5. Easy Walker 8:03
    6. Lonesome Lover 2:27
    7. Don't Bug Me 2:34
    8. Coffee Break 3:02
    9. Ya Know What I Mean 3:03
    10. Native Dancer 2:33
    11. Uncle Fuzzy 2:32
    12. No Aftertaste 3:01
    13. You Tempt Me 3:55
    14. Did You Dream Too 5:06
    15. You're All That Matters 4:24
    16. Interlude 4:20
    17. You're Mine 5:19
    18. My Heart Sings 4:57
    19. I Sigh 4:02
    20. Here Today Gone Tomorrow Love 4:21
    21. All Alone 4:38

Long before he became a kind of one-man clearinghouse of jazz services--performer, composer, educator, radio personality, and featured television essayist--Billy Taylor (now Dr. Taylor) was among the busiest young pianists on the hypercompetitive New York scene of the 1950s and ’60s. Each of the two LPs paired herein had a specific mission: Warming Up! would be made up of 12 brief tracks conceived specifically for a radio transcription firm, while Interlude was a “concept” album conveying the beginning, middle, and end of a love affair. Leading two different trios, Taylor (b. 1921), who wrote all of this disc’s 21 selections, glides effortlessly from convivial medium-bounce tunes, the soul-jazz so popular at the time, and easy swing to the occasional Ahmad Jamal-ish mood and light Latin groove. And, of course, there are lights-are-low ballads. Of particular interest are the presences of the trio’s bassists, the late Doug Watkins and Henry Grimes, who resurfaced in 2003 after 35 years away from music. The missions of Warming Up! and Interlude are very much accomplished.

with Henry Grimes, Doug Watkins, Ray Mosca

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