Which Way Is Texas

Anson Funderburgh & the Rockets

Which Way Is Texas
  • CAT # 11661-9619-2

    1. Can We Get Together 3:19
    2. One Woman I Need 3:15
    3. Tryin' To Get Back On My Feet 2:49
    4. Rambling Woman 3:00
    5. Some Sunny Day 2:43
    6. Going My Way? 4:49
    7. The Last Time 2:37
    8. Don't Turn This Child Away From Heaven 3:52
    9. Hoodoo Party 3:33
    10. Toss and Turn 2:47
    11. Jungle 3:43
    12. I Need to Know 3:17
    13. Crutch and Cane 3:57

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For years, fans have been mesmerized by the unique blend of Mississippi Delta and Texas blues music brought together by Anson Funderburgh and Sam Myers. From their sense of deep blues history to the resonating songs penned for this album, Anson and Sam make us all believers that the blues are alive. This combo proves that the roots of blues are strong, and that the future of the blues is bright. 'Anson and I go back to the days when Plano, Texas was a nowhere little cow town. He was friends with my younger brother, Mark. We've kept in touch through all these years with a dear friendship and love for the beautiful music we grew up on. The great Texas guitar slingers who have carried the flame since Stevie Ray passed are in my humble opinion, Anson, Jimmy Vaughn, and Doyle Bramhall, Jr. There is truth and integrity in their every note. These are the masters.' -Boz Scaggs

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Click here to purchase this album on Amazon.comIt doesn't get more real than when Sam Myers and Anson Funderburgh plug in their amps… More