Woman Blues!

Victoria Spivey

Woman Blues
  • CAT # OBCCD-566-2

    1. Christmas Without Santa Claus 3:19
    2. A Big One 3:37
    3. Let's Ride Tonight 2:27
    4. What Is This Thing They're Talking 3:57
    5. I'm A Red Hot Mama
    6. Grow Old Together 2:55
    7. Beautiful World 2:51
    8. I Got Men All Over This Town 5:03
    9. That Man 2:53
    10. Thursday Girl 2:50

Houston-born blues singer, pianist, and songwriter Victoria Spivey (1906-1976) was one of the last of the red hot mamas. A popular classic blues artist of the late 1920s, she found her career revitalized in 1961 through an association with Prestige/Bluesville Records. She quickly became a one-woman revival, starting up her own label to record herself and countless others, including a young Bob Dylan. For this album, comprising ten Spivey originals about man/woman relationships, Queen Victoria was reunited on six selections with guitar master Lonnie Johnson, with whom she had first recorded in 1927.

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