Work Song [Keepnews Collection]

Nat Adderley

Work Song Keepnews Collection MP3
  • CAT # RCD-30506-25

    1. Work Song 4:15
    2. Pretty Memory 3:54
    3. I've Got A Crush On You 2:56
    4. Mean To Me 5:01
    5. Fallout 4:55
    6. Sack Of Woe 4:28
    7. My Heart Stood Still 6:26
    8. Violets For Your Furs 3:49
    9. Scrambled Eggs 3:19

Orrin's commentary (from his original liner notes): "There are two very good reasons why this album, which at this writing is just a couple of years short of being a half-century old, remains one of my warmest recording memories. Undoubtedly the more important reason is that this really represents the coming of age of Nat Adderley, a man I will always consider among the most adventurous and intelligent players and leaders I have ever worked with. But to step back and evaluate this album in a very personal way, it is half of what must be one of the most complicated and most rewarding weeks of recording activity I have ever experienced."

Personnel: Nat Adderley on cornet and support cast including pianist Bobby Timmons, guitarist Wes Montgomery, cellist Sam Jones, bassist Percy Heath, drummer Louis Hayes, and others.

Key songs: "Work Song," "Sack of Woe"

Orrin on The Keepnews Collection:

This is a series of reissues that can be described as largely centered on my incredibly long (even to me) career as a jazz producer, contributing to the careers of some of the most significant jazz performers of our day. The series follows a specific set of ground rules. In each case the original product is preserved-cover art, the notes, and the entire initial recorded content, in the exact original sequence-and it is now presented with the sonic benefits of 24-bit remastering from the original master tapes. Alternate takes or originally unissued numbers, when available, appear as bonus tracks. In some instances I've added to the total lineup a never-used version that may have been recorded forty or more years ago. When that occasionally allows you to hear for the first time a "new" performance by a long-departed artist, be aware that I join you in considering this a truly wonderful addition. Finally, I have written a complete set of new commentaries, digging back into my memories of those often very good old days to tell a few more stories about this remarkable music and its people. On the whole, I am unreasonably and unshakably proud of the results.

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