You Inspire Me

Curtis Stigers

You Inspire Me
  • CAT # CCD-2185-25

    1. I Feel Fine 5:38
    2. Fools In Love 4:31
    3. Crazy Moon 5:30
    4. Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind 3:57
    5. Don't Think Twice, It's Alright 7:18
    6. She's Got A Way 5:56
    7. Tired Of Waiting For You 5:34
    8. You Inspire Me 4:07
    9. Love 4:20
    10. I Fall In Love Too Easily 8:30
    11. I'll Be Home 4:35
    12. Blue Skies 3:40

Crossing musical boundaries for inspiration while he continues to defy categorization, singer/saxman Curtis Stigers delivers an intriguing assortment of contemporary songs, with unbridled creativity. A talented songwriter himself, it's not surprising that Stigers would have a keen knack for finding great, contemporary songs to inspire his creative, jazz muse. From Lennon & McCartney to Billy Joel to Joe Jackson, Stigers tackles a collection of modern pop gems with passion, insight, adventurousness, and a singular soulful voice, transforming them into jazz-infused masterpieces of his own. "Rock 'n' roll and jazz share so many of the same artistic bloodlines that it's remarkable the two don't fuse more often into the kind of inspired marriage of visceral clout and intellectual savvy conjured by the singer, songwriter and saxophonist Curtis Stigers." -New York Times

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