Donny Patterson, Booker Ervin & Houston Person


Legends Of Acid Jazz: Just Friends

  • Release Date: 17 Aug 1990
  • PRCD-24237-2

Of all the Hammond B-3 organ players who emerged in the wake of Jimmy Smith, Don Patterson remained closest to bebop, constructing solos out of rapid-fire figures that were breathtaking in their execution and blistering in their emotional impact. The Philadelphia keyboardist was frequently featured with Sonny Stitt, but herein can be heard setting fire under two other outstanding saxophonists: the hard-charging Texan Booker Ervin and big-toned South Carolinian Houston Person. Guitar great Pat… MORE


Booker Ervin's recordings with Charles Mingus and Randy Weston brought him good reviews and a bit of notoriety. But it was his series of Song… More