Gene Ammons And Friends


Gene Ammons And Friends At Montreux

  • Release Date: 24 Apr 1998
  • OJCCD-1023-2

Nearing the end of his life, on the stage of one of the world's most celebrated jazz festivals, Gene Ammons showed a cheering crowd the muscular lyricism and tough groove that made him a cornerstone of the Prestige sound for nearly a quarter-century. With four tracks featuring the trio-plus-congas support heard on his classic Boss Tenor (OJC-297) plus a grand finale where Dexter Gordon and the Brothers Adderley join Jug for a recap of his patented jam sessions, this Montreux set pres… MORE


For nearly a quarter-century, beginning in 1950, tenor saxophonist Gene Ammons (1925-1974) was among the brightest stars in the Prestige Records… More