Gene Ammons And His All-Stars


Groove Blues

  • Release Date: 22 Jun 1992
  • OJCCD-723-2

This album and its companion The Big Sound (OJCCD-651-2), epitomize the affirmative spirit of tenor saxophonist Gene Ammons's many blowing sessions for Prestige in the late Fifties. Ammons assembled an extravagant cast of woodwind stars (Jerome Richardson, flute; Paul Quinichette, tenor sax; Pepper Adams, baritone sax; and, on alto sax for nearly the only time in his recorded career, John Coltrane); and let them loose to flourish over the tough groove of the rhythm section and the wr… MORE


For nearly a quarter-century, beginning in 1950, tenor saxophonist Gene Ammons (1925-1974) was among the brightest stars in the Prestige Records… More