Mark Kramer

Mark Kramer was born into a family, which revered music of all types. His first conscious memory of music was his mother singing "Golden Earrings” to him when he was two years old. Mark began a formal classical musical training at age five on the violin. After a few years, he began improvising on works such as Vivaldi’s Concerto in A minor. As a teenager, Kramer taught himself saxophone, drums, and bass.

Kramer’s history is unique in a field that is brimming with talented jazz pianists. From simple beginnings—a poor white boy growing up in a Philadelphia black ghetto—he taught himself how to play piano. Perhaps it is through this unconventional self-initiation that Kramer has come to be accredited in recent years with "astonishing” speed and dexterity, as well as having invented a rich harmonic vocabulary and distinctive melodic style. His touch, described by critics as delicate, hearty, and diamond brilliant, clearly defies description.

Kramer has works with the likes of Randy and Michael Brecker, Charles Fambrough, Stanley Clarke, Mike Richmond and many other Philadelphia jazz giants. The Jacksonville Jazz Festival selected Kramer for two consecutive years as one of the nation’s top undiscovered jazz pianists. The Philadelphia Jazz Musician’s Alliance recognized him as best Philadelphia jazz pianist and leader of the best trio.

As an innovative jazzman and arranger, Kramer has assured his reputation as a fresh voice in jazz and as a musician’s musician. His Telarc recording, Evita en Jazz, features the Mark Kramer Trio comprised of Kramer (piano), Gary Mazzaroppi (bass), and John Mosemann (drums and percussion).