Papa Doo Run Run


California Project

  • Release Date: 01 May 1985
  • 85501

The California Project is a collection of the greatest hits of the Beach Boys that still evoke a warm, golden summer feeling.




Papa Doo Run Run has been specializing in the Calfornia music of the Beach Boys and Jan & Dean for over a decade. Originally formed in 1965 in the Silicon Valley near San Francisco as a top-forty act, their performance evolved into their own celebration of summer—recapturing the rich harmonies and youthful appeal of the classic surfin' hits of the 60's.

Papa Doo Run Run is:
Don Zirilli: Synthesizers, piano and vocals;
Jim Rush: Bass guitar and vocals;
Stevie "Surf" Dromensk: Toes on the nose rhythm guitar and vocals;
Steve Barone: Lead guitar and vocals;
Andy Parker: Drums, percussion and vocals.

Most recently, Papa Doo Run Run was honored to bring their California music to the 1984 Summer Olympic Games in five seperate private summer concert events for the Olympic athletes and organizers.

The California Project recording sessions took place over a fun-filled period between January and March 1985 at United Western Studios in Hollywood CA, the same studio at which many of these tunes were originally recorded.