Peter Lang


The Thing At The Nursery Room Window

  • Release Date: 12 Jan 1995
  • TAKCD-8911-2

Like his labelmates at Takoma, John Fahey and Leo Kottke, Peter Lang used the techniques and vocabulary of country blues guitarists to create his own compositions in a variety of alternate tunings. Though not as well known as Fahey and Kottke, Lang did make a name as a guitarist and composer of exceptional ability and originality. His bright sound, driving rhythm, and whimsical compositional sense were already well-defined by the time of his first record, which was made in 1972 when Lang was … MORE


In the 1950s the young John Fahey discovered the funky, unpretentious, down-home, spontaneous guitar-oriented 78s recorded in the late 1920s and… More