Roy Haynes Trio


Just Us

  • Release Date: 06 Feb 1996
  • OJCCD-879-2

Roy Haynes's musicianship is so impeccable that he chose a trio setting for his first two New Jazz sessions. (The predecessor to this album, We Three, features Phineas Newborn, Jr. and Paul Chambers and can be heard on OJCCD-196-2.) Of course, the five years Haynes spent in Sarah Vaughan's rhythm section served as a graduate course in the art of the trio. The threesome on this album was a working group that evolved out of a Kenny Burrell combo, and its range of moods and efficient ar… MORE


When he made Cymbalism in 1963, Roy Haynes was a 38-year-old veteran drummer who had played with an astonishing array of jazz artists. As… More