Bullet Train To Vegas

Taking their name from the Drive Like Jehu song, the spastic post-hardcore of southern California's Bullet Train to Vegas came about under the direction of vocalist/guitarist Dan Sena, formerly of Adamantium and Give Until Gone. After his previous bands disbanded, Sena wanted to form something new that would challenge what he felt to be stagnant punk and indie rock scenes. After getting an initial lineup together, the Profile This EP was soon recorded and released in limited amounts in 2003. Things didn't quite gel, however, and following that record, a complete member overhaul took place. Accordingly, Sena claimed that Bullet Train to Vegas never truly began until he found the kindred spirits of Greg Horton (bass/vocals), Erik Bailey (guitar), and Marty Cornish (drums). Together, the guys refined their sound, which included elements of Gang of Four, Fugazi, and Clikatat Ikatowi, and took it out on the road, sharing stages along the way with the likes of Bloc Party, Sparta, Pretty Girls Make Graves, JR Ewing, and more. The quartet began writing its debut album in the spring of 2004, and after producer Alex Newport (At the Drive-In, the Locust) caught wind of some demos, he insisted the guys record with him in his studio. An unmastered version of the resulting We Put Scissors Where Our Mouths Are fell on ears over at Nitro Records, which then picked up Bullet Train to Vegas and released the band's album in June 2005.