Miles Davis All Stars

Some musicians are sufficiently inspired and influential to be labeled epoch-making. Miles Davis (1926-91) made new jazz epochs every few years. For nearly five decades he was at the center of the music, charting directions and introducing other legendary figures at a rate that is unmatched by his contemporaries in any art form.

Davis's first venture as a bandleader was the innovative nonet he created in collaboration with arranger Gil Evans. This band provided the more subtle yet still harmonically provocative palette that soon became recognized as the "birth of the cool.” Yet in smaller bands of quartet to sextet size that Davis tended to lead in most of his live and studio work for the next several years, the emphasis was on a more assertive rhythmic edge and extended improvisations that revitalized the blues vernacular.

The Miles Davis All Stars included Lucky Thompson, J.J. Johnson, Horace Silver, Percy Heath, and Kenny Clarke.