Sunny Day Real Estate

Sunny Day Real Estate remains one of the most influential of all the emo bands to emerge in the 1990s — even though the band's members despise the genre name, which didn't even become part of the vernacular until years after they split. All Jeremy Enigk (guitar/vocals), Dan Hoerner (guitar/vocals), William Goldsmith (drums), and Nate Mendel (bass) wanted to do was make some noise, and the result was an emotionally resonant variation of hardcore that made a tremendous impact. – Rolling Stone

In 1994, the band released their debut album Diary on Sub Pop Records to critical acclaim. However, shortly after releasing their second album LP2, the band broke up, with members Nate Mendel and William Goldsmith joining Foo Fighters and Jeremy Enigk embarking on a solo career. In 1997, Jeremy Enigk, Dan Hoerner, and William Goldsmith regrouped long enough to record two more studio albums and a live album but ultimately disbanded once again in 2001. The magnificent The Rising Tide remains Sunny Day Real Estate’s studio album swan song.