Susannah McCorkle

Born in Berkeley, California, Susannah McCorkle listened to top 40 tunes with her friends and Broadway show albums at home, but she didn’t discover jazz until she relocated to Europe in 1970 to study languages, write fiction, and work as a translator. The impact of hearing Billie Holiday was so powerful that McCorkle quickly changed her career plans. Singing in small clubs in Italy and Great Britain, McCorkle dove into the jazz life and began developing a huge repertoire of tunes.

She released her first album in 1976, The Songs of Harry Warren, followed by a series of songbook recordings, including The Songs of Johnny Mercer in 1977, Over the Rainbow--The Songs of E.Y. Yip Harburg in 1980 and Thanks for the Memory--The Songs of Leo Robin in 1983.

After joining Concord in 1988, McCorkle released a steady stream of carefully crafted albums over which she had total artistic control, starting with No More Blues. She gained an international following among Brazilian music lovers with her 1990 release Sabia, featuring two of her English translations of Jobim songs which he personally approved. She released From Bessie to Brazil in ‘93 and From Broadway to Bebop in ‘94, highlighting her gift for interpreting great popular music, whatever its point of origin. From Broken Hearts To Blue Skies appeared in 1999, followed by Hearts And Minds in 2000.