The Red Garland Quintet

Some groups have existed only in the recording studio but have produced music of lasting value. This quintet, under Red Garland's leadership, actually did play some gigs around New York in the fall of 1957, but even if it hadn't, the rapport in the studio would still have been powerful.

Beginning with the association of Garland and John Coltrane in the Miles Davis Quintet and continuing with Arthur Taylor's trio connection with Garland, and Donald Byrd's having worked with all of them in one form or another, there was enough of a common spirit in the musical attitudes of all the participants. With familiar jazz and pop standards and open-ended blues for material, the band celebrated the glories of strong swing and bottomless imagination as Byrd, Coltrane, and the ever-effervescent leader demonstrated the state of the improviser's art, with a perpetual groove and occasional solo assistance from Taylor and George Joyner (now known as Jamil Nasser).