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Welcome To The Collector's Corner


With labels such as Fantasy, Specialty, Prestige and Stax, the scope of the Concord Music Group catalog is as deep and eclectic as your beloved public radio station left of the dial and as vast as the greatest neighborhood indie store. The quandary now is where to go to find a collection of Jerry Garcia's oeuvre with Merl Saunders or to find Soultrane on vinyl without having to take out a second mortgage or trolling online until your fingers turn blue. Well, record collecting has just turned a corner...right here. Concord Music Group welcomes you to The Collector's Corner.

Bring us your tired, your weary, your care-worn lists of the obscure, out of print, and the monophonic and we'll give you the opportunity to peruse aisles of Miles, freights of 'Trane, and the deeper treasures that await with each click.

Everything is here, from Carolina bluesman Pink Anderson (whose name inspired Syd Barrett to christen his little English quartet Pink Floyd) to Albert King paying tribute to that other King, Elvis Presley, to the classic comprehensive Miles Davis and John Coltrane box sets from the Prestige vaults.

Plus, the bliss of having Waltz for Debby and Creedence Clearwater Revival's Chronicle on vinyl is no longer relegated to the labyrinth of online auctions. In The Collector's Corner, visitors can peruse through titles available in the venerated vinyl format.

It's all been backed into The Collector's Corner. C'mon in and stay as long as you want. We're open all night.