Collector’s Corner

Walk 2010 Right In


Judging from the chatter on the Internet, everyone agrees 2009 pretty much sucked. Sure, there were great albums and movies and other fun things, but sometimes I think the only thing keeping many people from the soup lines is a lack of soup. So, as we all prepare to celebrate the dawning of 2010, there's no better way to pass the last remaining hours of 2009 than with a great blues LP. I suggest Gus Cannon's Walk Right In.

The story is the self-taught Cannon, who was born in 1883, made his first banjo out of a frying pan and a raccoon skin. He formed Cannon's Jug Stompers, a southern folk trio in which Cannon played both banjo and the jug, often at the same time. Later, he preformed solo, transitioning to blues... Actually, it's probably more accurate to say the blues transitioned to Cannon's style.

His only release for Stax, Walk Right In, was recorded during the blues revival movement of the '60s. Despite the popularity of classic blues musicians during that time, only 500 copies of the album were pressed, making it one of the rarest blues LPs ever. Full of great cuts from his long career, Walk Right In (now available only in digital form) has plenty of anthems for your New Year's Eve such as "Gonna Raise A Ruckus Tonight," "Ain't Gonna Rain No More" and the foot-stomper "Kill It."