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Anatomy 101


The Body Rocks will sound and feel vaguely, but pleasantly familiar to anyone between the ages of 15 and 50 who watched the numerous short, catchy installments of Schoolhouse Rock on Saturday morning TV from the early-'70s to the late-'90s. While Schoolhouse Rock gave us musical lessons in math, grammar, civics and other subjects, The Body Rocks uses the same model to explore the realm of anatomy and physiology with 17 songs about how the human body does what it does. Marc "Doc" Dauer is the, um, brains and the heart behind the album.

However, the songwriter/producer/physician gets plenty of vocal support from the unlikely combination of Liz Phair, Pete Yorn, actress Minnie Driver, Massachusetts-based pop trio Guster and his own three pre-teen kids -- Asher, Jacob and Layla Dauer.

The songs spotlight and celebrate a variety of anatomical parts and functions, including bones, muscles, smell, vision, skin, respiration, hair, and yes, even peeing. Everyone on hand brings plenty of wit and a great attitude to tracks like the shimmering "Everything's Controlled By The Brain," the laid back "The Heart Beats Lub Dub" and the jangly "We're All Big Fans Of Glands."

The Body Rocks is primarily targeted toward kids, but it's a good bet that the clever lyrics and catchy melodies will stick with the grownups as well. Let's face it -- you can probably still sing at least a few bars of "I'm Just A Bill" or "Conjunction Junction" more than three decades after the fact.

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