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Strings In Spring


Ah, springtime. Whiling away a long afternoon on the back porch, lazily sipping your drink of choice, watching the bugs twitch among the blossoms and long grass in the late-setting sun. At times, that's what it feels like to listen to The SteelDriver's 2010 Rounder release, Reckless. Tracks like "Can You Run" and "You Put The Hurt On Me" invoke a sense of sitting on that same back porch with this Grammy-nominated bluegrass ensemble as they pass the time with plucked strings and profound stories.

Yet the album also offers a long view of the band's darker side, from the hard edge of "The Reckless Side Of Me," "Peacemaker," and "Guitars, Whiskey, Guns And Knives" to the haunting "Ghosts Of Mississippi" and "It's Midnight On The Mountain." Tracks like these remind you that the Nashville, Tennessee band is heavily invested in the truth and mythology of the south and all its endless narratives and rich histories.

It's also hard to argue with the steady insistence of "The Price," which is sure to make heads nod to the song's rhythm and hearts sway with the timeless yet contemporary lament of its message.

The SteelDrivers were nominated for two Grammys for Reckless -- Best Bluegrass Album and Best Country Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals for the elegiac, world-weary anthem "Where Rainbows Never Die." For a band with only two albums to its credit (counting its 2008 self-titled release), The SteelDrivers sure sound like old souls with tales to tell.

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    Guitars, Whiskey, Guns and Knives

    The SteelDrivers, from Reckless

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