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Simon's Layered Beauty


Paul Simon is inarguably one of the most talented songwriters alive and working today. It's so inarguable, if you try to argue, you'll just end up looking foolish. My proof is Simon's latest release (and his Hear Music debut) So Beautiful Or So What, an album packed with meaningful, thought-provoking songs, each delivered with a great hook.

From the first track, "Getting Ready For Christmas Day," Simon unleashes his unique lyrical prowess, using subtle details to paint a picture full of honesty and emotion. One such line -- "I got a nephew in Iraq, it's his third time back, but it's ending up the way it began/With the luck of a beginner he'll be eating turkey dinner on some mountaintop in Pakistan." -- conveys both sorrow and humor in a situation all too familiar for families across the country.

Simon's gift of capturing the pathos of human existence bursts forth with whimsical glee in "Rewrite," which tells the tale of a writer plugging away at a revision, seemingly making changes that contradict his original vision.

So Beautiful Or So What comes at you in layers. From samples of an old sermon to folksy string picking, the sounds coyly reveal themselves, belying the catchy pop framework that Simon does so well. To purchase the album, visit SoBeautifulOrSoWhat.com and check to see if Simon is bringing his tour to your town.

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