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Haven't been by ConcordMusicGroup.com's video section lately? You're missing out, pal. Seriously. Besides exclusive content, you can find the latest music videos from pop and soul juggernauts Sia ("Soon We'll Be Found") and Nikka Costa ("Stuck To You").

Sia's video continues her tradition of impish playfulness (see "Buttons" and "The Girl You Lost To Cocaine" if you don't know what I mean). The song is a touching plea for calm and the video conveys this through the use of hands, hundreds of them. Starting out with basic sign language, the gestures grow increasingly complex until Sia is floating in an inky void populated by neon butterflies and twinkling stars. The whole effect is both striking and moving.

Nikka Costa's video conjures images of a witch's ritual, with ghostly silhouettes banging out the backbone, while Costa climbs ever higher on a withering tree. The whole thing is lit with fiery reds and yellows, giving it a demonic flavor, even though the song is far from demonic. There's nothing evil about lines like "If you were soul, I'd be your Otis Redding." That's not evil. That's pure good.

There's plenty of great videos -- from Paul McCartney to Sergio Mendes to Hilary McRae. Plus, you'll find other treats like behind-the-scenes clips, interviews and live footage. Pop on over and check it out.

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