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Rockin' Valentine


For Valentine's Day, most people think of slow romantic music, maybe a ballad or two. But people in love like to rock, too. If you plan on forgoing the candles in lieu of a pyrotechnic display, here are a few songs to help make your evening one that should come with a tour shirt.

By now, you know all about Sir Paul McCartney's stellar Memory Almost Full. What you may have missed is the secret show he did at Hollywood's Amoeba Records. Now, a few songs from that show are available on Amoeba's Secret. Among the cuts is the Beatles' classic love anthem "I Saw Her Standing There."

Keep the energy high with a choice cut from the Architect of Rock 'n' Roll's The Very Best Of Little Richard. One of my favorites is "She's Got It." There's no way anyone can argue with the sheer poetry of lyrics like "Ruby lips/Shapely hips/When she walk down the streets, all the cats flip."

Since we've come this far, with the classics, let's keep it old school... or rather, sounding old school. James Hunter's The Hard Way may have come out last year, but the sound and style are pure 1962. Check out "Class Act" for a good R&B crawl that will get you and your date rocking and rolling a little closer.

Want to get down and dirty? You do, you naughty monkey. Try throwing on Creedence Clearwater Revival's version of "The Night Time Is The Right Time" from the 40th Anniversary Edition of Green River. For the simple reason that the night time is often the right time. Naughty, naughty monkey.

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