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Video Of The Radio Star


I've written before about Sia's music videos. The DVD TV Is My Parent features those videos, plus a one-hour concert and a series of behind-the-scenes vignettes. It offers a thorough tour of Sia's very colorful world.

The live show, filmed at the Hiro Ballroom in New York, contains songs from her Hear Music debut Some People Have Real Problems as well as Colour The Small One and some of her work with the band Zero 7. Having seen Sia at L.A.'s El Rey, I can say with certainty the concert film on the DVD is true to her actual live show. Her energy and playfulness are on full display.

The behind-the-scenes stuff, labeled "Where The Magic Happens" in the DVD menu, walks the viewer through various aspects of life on the road, or rather, life on the road with Sia, which may or may not be like other tours. I doubt Slayer's Tom Araya would ever call a fan's voice mail to sing a song that couldn't be added to the set list.

Some of the regular band shenanigans are there -- doing shots of tequila, then stripping down to their skivvies, for example. But other moments let you in on what it's like for Sia at that time. The most touching scene comes at the end when, after killing it at SXSW, she is mobbed by fans on her way to the tour bus. Afterward, she wears a look of genuine surprise, as if overwhelmed by the adoration, and expresses concern that she might have missed anyone who wanted an autograph.

Aside from the live show (which is hi-def and mixed in 5.1 surround sound), the backstage footage and four music videos, there are a few fun extras if you dig around.

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