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Why So Serious?


By now, you've either seen Funny People or, at the very least, caught stars Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen, Leslie Mann or writer/director Judd Apatow on any one of the hundreds of talk shows they appeared on promoting the film. Whether you have or not, you should check out the film's soundtrack, which is like a great mix tape of thoughtful music by great artists.

The collection was spearheaded by Apatow and music supervisor Jonathan Karp, who also worked on another Apatow soundtrack, Strange Weirdos: Music From And Inspired By The Film Knocked Up. The Funny People soundtrack features mellow cuts from the likes of Warren Zevon, Neil Diamond and Ringo Starr. There are also tracks from Hear Music labelmates Paul McCarntey ("Great Day" from 1997's Flaming Pie) and James Taylor ("Carolina In My Mind").

The film's subject matter -- a loner dealing with his impending mortality -- lends itself to these reflective songs. Some carry even deeper meaning, especially the two Zevon tracks "Keep Me In Your Heart" and "Numb As A Statue" from his album The Wind, released just two weeks before his death in 2003, and the posthumously released John Lennon work "Watching The Wheels."

Other special tracks include Apatow's own daughter doing a moving rendition of "Memory," Sandler doing a pretty straight-forward (meaning none of Sandler's standard funny voices) version of Lennon's "Real Love" and two songs from Coconut Records, the band of co-star Jason Schwartzman.

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