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Get To Spanish Harlem


The Grammy-winning Spanish Harlem Orchestra has been creating incredible Salsa and Latin jazz sounds for over 10 years. Their latest release, Viva La Tradicíon, offers original compositions and unique arrangements of classic cuts. And to experience the Latin rhythms up close, they're playing dates through December.

Drawing on a rich history of Latin music, the members of the Spanish Harlem Orchestra bring an unmatched energy to their performances. Songs like "La Salsa Dura," the opening track on Tradicíon, keep people on their feet.

For die hard fans of the genre, those who are curious or people who just love great music, the Spanish Harlem Orchestra provides a veritable audio timeline of well-known and obscure artists and styles. Tradicíon, the group's fourth album to date, won a Grammy for Best Tropical Latin Album. Find out why the Spanish Harlem Orchestra continues to nab awards and ranks as essential listening.

Don't miss this amazing performance. Check the tour dates to see when the Spanish Harlem Orchestra is coming to your town.