Original Jazz Classics

Created under the Fantasy umbrella in 1982, at the advent of the then-new compact disc format, Original Jazz Classics has been a tremendously successful program of CD reissues. Its premise was simple: to present memorable jazz albums with original covers and notes, which had been unavailable for years. The vaults of the Fantasy-affiliated labels Prestige, Riverside, Contemporary, Galaxy, Milestone, Debut, Jazzland, and Pablo hold some of the most important jazz ever recorded. Drawing on this wealth of material, Original Jazz Classics grew to over 1,000 titles. In 2010 Concord Music Group launched a new series of reissues extending the popular Original Jazz Classics (aka OJC) brand. Already at more than 30 volumes, the Original Jazz Classics Remasters is a series of deluxe reissues of all-time classic jazz albums, featuring 24-bit remastering from the original analog master tapes for vastly improved sound quality, newly written liner notes by respected jazz historians, and often previously-unreleased tracks from the original recording sessions.