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NEWS 26 May 2010

Kenny G Collaborates With Robin Thicke on New Single

By Steve Baltin Posted May 25th 2010 03:30PM

Kenny G got some major cool points when the instrumental artist -- who has sold over 75 million albums -- showed up at LA's AOL studios last year to lend his smooth sax playing to Weezer's 'I'm Your Daddy.' At the time, Kenny G (aka Kenny Gorelick) told PopEater he wasn't looking to all of the sudden be hip, saying, "I'm not trying to sell to a certain demographic. I just do what I think is right for me at the time. Whoever hears it, if they like it, they buy it. I've been lucky so far because a lot of people seem to like what I do."

On his upcoming album, 'Heart and Soul,' Kenny G is more than happy to share some musical love again. This time, he joins forces with the current king of collaborators, soul singer Robin Thicke, who's worked with Jay-Z, Snoop, Usher and Lil' Wayne, among others. Thicke lends his falsetto vocals to 'Fall Again,' the lead single from the album, which also features Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds on 'No Place Like Home.'

For Kenny G, the teaming with Thicke has been a long time in the making. "I first met Robin at my best friend and musical partner Walter Afanasieff's studio in San Rafael," he tells PopEater. "This was many years ago -- I think Robin was still a teenager. You could tell that he had such a passion for soulful music and had a unique approach to making songs. I wasn't surprised to see him become so successful in recent years and have always been a big fan and supporter of him and his music. Robin is the real thing. I am super excited about the song that we did together. It's an amazing composition that Walter and Robin created, and I just love the combination of Robin's voice and my saxophone."

Fans anxious to hear for themselves how Thicke's vocals and Kenny G's sax unite will be able to check it out for themselves when 'Heart and Soul' hits stores June 29.

AOL Popeater- May 25, 2010


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