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NEWS 17 Jan 2008

Ozomatli To Host Weekly Radio Show "Ozolocal" Beginning This Saturday!

This Saturday, January 19th, members of LA based band Ozomatli will host their FIRST weekly local music show "OzoLocal" on Star 98.7FM.

"Ozolocal" will air Saturday nights from 8pm-9pm and will feature music, rare recordings, and real life stories of some of music's biggest artists - homegrown in Southern California. The show will also highlight music from new local artists hitting the scene, unsigned local talent, as well as restaurant reviews, cultural happenings, and lots of the general Ozo yakkity smack that the guys do so well.

Ozomatli are an LA based, multiethnic, multiracial group who are a living example that music can transcend any cultural or social boundary. Ozomatli has long been devoted to social justice and community involvement. They recently released their fourth full length studio album, "Don't Mess With The Dragon" to widespread critical acclaim on Concord Records. GLOBAL RHYTHM said that "Ozomatli's heart, spirit and musical adventurousness make it one the country's best - if least classifiable - bands" while the VILLAGE VOICE deemed their new release "a celebration of their native L.A. in all its multicultural vibrancy and socioeconomic volatility... Ozo's 10-man crew salute the aural mosaic of ethnic signifiers that makes our country great."

Tune in!
The show can be streamed at


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