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NEWS 27 Mar 2008

Prestige Records Presents It's 8th Edition Of RVG Remasters

Titles Include Such Classics As Miles Davis' Bags' Groove (1954), Sonny Rollins' Rollins Pays For Bird (1956), John Coltrane's Settin' The Pace (1958), Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis' Very Saxy (1959) and Ron Carter's Where? (1961)

Original Recording Engineer Rudy Van Gelder Meticulously Transfers Music From The Analog Masters To 24-Bit Digital Resolution

In the eighth edition of the Concord Music Group's remastered CDs originally issued by Prestige Records, five more classics that engineer Rudy Van Gelder recorded and recently digitally upgraded will be released on April 1, 2008. The titles for this latest batch include Miles Davis's Bags' Groove with his formidable 1954 Modern Jazz Giants band; Sonny Rollins' Rollins Plays for Bird in 1956; John Coltrane's 1958 Settin' the Pace album; tenor saxist Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis's Very Saxy in 1959; and Ron Carter's Where? album, his debut recorded in 1961 with Eric Dolphy and Mal Waldron.

These essential Prestige (and its subsidiary New Jazz) recordings, either "supervised" by owner Bob Weinstock or Esmond Edwards from the mid-'50s to the early '60s, are given new life by Van Gelder who once again conjures sonic magic.

As with all the previous releases, Van Gelder meticulously transferred these albums from the analog master tapes to digital 24-bit resolution. "For me in those days, and even now, every session is a challenge," says Van Gelder. "Every one is different, including the mastering. The masters I am doing now are a direct line to the musicians and the producers of the original sessions. I was there. No one, except someone who was there at the time, can know the challenges the musicians were facing, and the intent of the producers with regard to the finished product. Sometimes the differences are subtle and sometimes they are very obvious. My job is to fulfill the intent of the original people."

Since Concord began mining its Prestige catalog in March 2006, its remastered RVG collection now stands at 40 titles, with more on the way. The releases are co-produced by Nick Phillips, vice president of jazz and catalog, A&R of the Concord Music Group, and independent producer Bob Porter. "Rudy brings to these remasters what no one else could because he was there when these albums were recorded," says Phillips. "By transferring the analog masters to digital with 24-bit technology, we can hear these classics better than they've ever been heard before."

Each RVG series album includes both new and original liner notes and sell at the midline price of $11.98.

Miles Davis and the Modern Jazz Giants: Bags' Groove (1954)

From original liner notes writer Ira Gitler: "Miles Davis and the Modern Jazz Giants make a formidable team [which is] a potent mixture of the top modern jazz veterans of the '40s and '50s and more recently established stars of the '50s...This album is indicative of the prowess of Miles and the rest of the Modern Jazz Giants-a collection of their best for 1954."

Tracks: Bags' Groove (take 1); Bags' Groove (take 2); Airegin; Oleo; But Not for Me (take 2); Doxy; But Not for Me (take 1)
Personnel: Miles Davis, trumpet; Sonny Rollins, tenor saxophone; Horace Silver, Thelonious Monk, piano; Milt Jackson, vibes; Percy Heath, bass; Kenny Clarke, drums, Bob Weinstock, supervision

Sonny Rollins: Rollins Plays for Bird (1956)

From original liner notes writer Ira Gitler: "When Charlie Parker died, people who ever had done anything in recognition of his great talent, suddenly rushed to the mourner's bench and delivered eulogies. This record is by musicians who knew him intimately, appreciated him tremendously during his lifetime and felt his loss far more acutely than any of the self-styled sufferers."

Tracks: Medley (I Remember You; My Melancholy Baby; Old Folks; They Can't Take That Away From Me; My Little Suede Shoes; Star Eyes); Kids Know; I've Grown Accustomed to Your Face; (bonus track) The House I Live In
Personnel: Sonny Rollins, tenor saxophone; Kenny Dorham, trumpet; Wade Legg, piano; George Morrow, bass; Max Roach, drums; Bob Weinstock, supervision

John Coltrane: Settin' the Pace (1958)

From new liner note writer Joe Goldberg: "When this album was first recorded and annotated, almost exactly half a century ago, John Coltrane was still regarded as a human being. Since then, many things have happened...[his] style is rooted in an astonishing virtuosity that few others could have possessed and was shaped by the two great teachers [Miles Davis and Thelonious Monk] he worked for before going out on his own."

Tracks: I See Your Face Before Me; Is There Is Someone Lovelier Than You; Little Melonae; Rise 'n' Shine; (bonus) By the Numbers
Personnel: John Coltrane, tenor saxophone; Red Garland, piano; Paul Chambers, bass; Arthur Taylor, drums; Bob Weinstock, supervision

Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis: Very Saxy (1959)

From new liner notes writer Bob Porter: "In the original notes to this album, Ira Gitler mentions that the music is no 'cutting contest.' This is not to say that all four players [Coleman Hawkins, Buddy Tate, Eddie Davis and Arnett Cobb] were not thoroughly familiar with that rite of passage. But this is clearly a collaborative effort with lots of mutual respect. There is no 'winner' here but neither does anyone appear to be in less than top form."

Tracks: Very Saxy; Lester Leaps In; Fourmost; Foot Pattin'; Light and Lovely
Personnel: Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis, Coleman Hawkins, Arnett Cobb, Buddy Tate, tenor saxophone; Shirley Scott, Hammond B3 organ; George Duvivier, bass; Arthur Edgehill, drums; Esmond Edwards, supervision

Ron Carter (w/Eric Dolphy and Mal Waldron): Where? (1961)

From original liner notes writer Joe Goldberg: "Ron Carter, whose first LP as a leader this is, is one of several bassists who have taken their instruments one step beyond Blanton. They are all virtuosos, have made their instrument a melodic force almost on a level with the horns, and have gone far beyond the traditional role of a timekeeper whose solos consist of more timekeeping with a different choice of notes."

New liner notes writer Dan Ouellette: "Nearly a half-century after Where? was first released, Ron Carter is showing that he indeed continues to adhere to that search for newness, or as he's so fond of saying, 'finding the right notes.'"

Tracks: Rally; Bass Duet; Softly, As in a Morning Sunrise; Where?; Yes, Indeed; Saucer Eyes
Personnel: Ron Carter, bass, cello; Eric Dolphy, bass clarinet, alto saxophone, flute; Mal Waldron, piano; George Duvivier, bass; Charles Persip, drums; Esmond Edwards, supervision.


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