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One For The Fans


Rush's latest concert tour DVD, Clockwork Angels Tour, in support of their 2012 album (their 19th!) Clockwork Angels, represents what has become something of a tradition for the band in its later years. Perhaps in dedication to their legions of fans, which are renowned for their fierce appreciation for the band, the DVD runs a whopping three hours, topping the two and a half hours that span their last concert DVD, 2011's Time Machine. The DVD contains enough concert footage (including 30 songs and three Neal Peart drum solos), bonus material, and extra features to satisfy even the most die-hard aficionados.

While the extras and bonus features provide a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at what makes this particular Rush tour operate, with its video accompaniments, elaborate set pieces, and grand scale, it is the concert footage itself that will knock out most fans. Balancing hits like "YYZ" and "Red Sector A" and other older tunes with newer songs from the Clockwork Angels album, the DVD provides a ranging overview of the classic and contemporary in the Rush catalogue.

It also spotlights the string ensemble that accompanies the band on many of its songs for the tour. At times, the ensemble -- onĀ  their feet and feeling every note -- rocks every bit as hard as the band and offers a glimpse at what this power trio would sound like with fuller instrumentation. Still, that the core trio is still at it and evolving with every new effort is testament to the power of its music, and to the idea that time -- a theme running through Time Machine and Clockwork Angels -- is on Rush's side.